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Well this is a first... I won this contest: fantasy-brewmasters.deviantart…

It was fun to do and I hope the idea is a success. Best of luck to the Brewmasters!
Hey all, got published in Amazing Events #002...
Go have a look see and submit your work, it's a cool mag and would be a great place to get some exposure!

The publisher himself has a place here on DA Give em' a yell.

Thanks muchly!!
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15K hits

Fri Dec 19, 2008, 5:35 PM
15K HITS!!!!

Ye Ha!!! That only took 2 years, good thing I don't do this for a living....

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If someone buys you a subscription to deviant, how do you find out who did it? Apparently someone got one for me and I'd like to thank them!!
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Having to work for a living sucks. I wish I was rich... could anyone help with that?

Check out this club Batman Forever!
Below are some "standard" rates that I charge, also a description of how I work. These are non-commercial prices.

B&W Rendered (shading): $40.00
• 1 Character
• No Background
Single character sample by Howietzer

B&W Rendered (shading): $60.00
• 1 Character
• Minimal Background
Red Sonja by Howietzer

Color Photoshop: $150.00
• 1 Character
• Minimal / No Background

Mature Content

Princess Leia: Bye Bye Jabba by Howietzer

Color Photoshop: $250.00
• 1 Character
• Full Background
Amon Ad-Raza by Howietzer

Add 50% to the current prices listed above for each additional character.

Mature Content

Dryads Revenge by Howietzer
   The Hobbit color by Howietzer

How I work:

First—We must come to an agreement on pricing. Once price is settled I will need a detailed description of what you want me to draw (reference: illustrations, photographs, pose, etc…).

Second--I come up with a rough sketch reflecting the information that you have given me. At this point you will make changes/alterations to the rough (this stage is important because it will be the only time changes will be allowed without extra cost). Once the rough is approved I would require half of the payment.

Third--Once payment is verified I will proceed with the final illustration. I will then send you a preview for you to make minor tweaks to the illustration. Once you approve the final and I receive final payment I will send you a high-resolution file to print. If you have any trouble with the file contact me and I will send you new files until it prints correctly.

I will retain the right to use any work I create for my portfolio.

These are rough estimates and are subject to change depending upon the complexity and size of each project.